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STEP BY STEP’s mission is to help break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations by providing equal access to education for adults from marginalized communities. As inequality rises, improving social mobility is incredibly important. 

Despite the political focus on helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds,there’s been little progress in social mobility in recent years and deep-seated regional inequalities still exist. As a result, social mobility in the UK is among the lowest in the developed world. It means people born into low-income families, regardless of their talent or hard work, don’t have the same opportunities as those born into privileged families. 

We believe that everyone should be able to achieve their full potential, no matter what their background is and Adult skills are a critical and often overlooked area. We’re here to accelerate the representation of adult learners in UK Universities and Colleges while obtaining vocational and academic skills to empower the UK to compete in the global economy. 

We strive to widen participation in education by targeting those furthest from work.  As part of our goal, SBS offers reskilling and upskilling for adults so they can improve their lives in the modern economy.  

We partner with various institutions of higher and further education to create diverse workforce readiness programs that meet the needs of Adults from marginalized communities ensuring that they have the skills, education, and training to compete equally in the UK.

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Why we’re different

Community based

We are different because we operate within reach of many of society’s most disadvantaged adults, working in nearly 2,000 community-based venues and in local networks with our partners.


We help a diverse range of adults in terms of age, ethnicity, disability and previous educational experience, with nearly half of our students returning to the classroom after a lapse of more than three years.


Together, we support students to take their next steps, whether that’s finding a job or simply the courage to face whatever tomorrow brings. We’re especially proud of our 3,000 plus volunteers, who perform miracles every day in a range of roles

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