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STEP BY STEP’s mission is to help break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations by providing equal access to education for adults from marginalized communities.

We believe that everyone should be able to achieve their full potential, no matter what their background is and Adult education and skills are a critical and often overlooked area.

We’re here to accelerate the representation of adult learners in UK Universities and Colleges while obtaining vocational and academic skills to empower the UK to compete in the global economy.


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The government has set aside funds to help marginalised people through organisations like ours. However, most ethnic minorities are not aware of the educational opportunities available to them or are unsure of the application process.

Pay nothing while you study

We are here to clarify and support people throughout the entire process, so they can access the courses they want thereby giving them options to be lifted out of poverty.

Go the distance

We have been developing strategic partnerships with Universities and other organisations, which allows us to offer information about the options available and one-on-one mentoring to those adults who are struggling to thrive.

Start your learning journey today

Start your learning journey today

Start your learning journey today

Start your learning journey today

Start your learning journey today

Start your learning journey today

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Lovely and supportive team with great facilities from academic resources, to support services - everything I needed to succeed.

Greg Ross, Student

The campus is great and the learning resources are fantastic. Perfect for my studies.

Jeff Gemmell, Student

A great team who helped me through each step of the way. I loved my course and am so grateful for this opportunity!

Mark Levin, Student

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